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Cities is a new API, developed and maintained by ShopGo, that provides users with data for MENA countries and cities in both Arabic and English.


It all started with our need for a reliable and comprehensive location API to use in our localized checkout pages. Our clients were displeased by English lists displaying in Arabic address forms. Users were even more frustrated by the whole experience. We looked for a data source but were surprised to find none, so we decided to make our own. This is how Cities came to be!

Why it is cool

Arabic-English Lists

Whether your web app is viewed in Arabic or English, we have you covered. Both languages are supported by default (for Arabic-speaking countries) so you can switch between the two seamlessly. Long gone are the days of language limitations when it comes to addresses!

Fuzzy Search

Unlike many APIs, which allow you to search only for exact matches of words or parts of words, Cities implements a fuzzy search algorithm to not only do that, but also return other relevant matches. This means you do not have to worry about perfect spelling anymore. It is nice for full-term searches, but great for autocomplete. It is also smart enough to recognize what you are typing even when you forget to switch your keyboard's input language.

Checked by Real People

Automated translations still have a long way to go despite the complexity of our age's technological breakthroughs. We still need actual human beings to edit any incorrect, or even funny, results. This is why we have a dedicated team of ShopGoers to do just that. The result is an API that you can trust.

Aramex API Integration

Because Cities is based on Aramex's Location API, both of them can be integrated easily. Users can now select cities in their language of choice, while your web app keeps its integration with Aramex in English. Talk about win-win!

Modern Architecture

The API was built from the outset using the latest web standards and technologies. Node.js and MongoDB form the solid server foundation, Redis caching guarantees lightning-fast responses, while AngularJS powers the front-end. Cities also takes advantage of the simplicity of JSON and HTTP. For us, it made building Cities a joyful ride; for developers, it makes things easy and intuitive (no archaic SOAP APIs!); and for everyone else, well, everything works just as expected.


We believe that when it comes to data sources, more _really is_ merrier. Cities is designed so that anyone can log in to the website and instantly start suggesting translations and vote for existing ones. Our team then reviews the entries before they are approved.

Like it already?

The API is so easy to use that you only need a few minutes to learn how it works.

Start reading the docs to see how you can request data and use it in your apps.

Give us a hand

With every contribution you make, Cities becomes richer and better.

Sign up now and start adding and voting for suggested translations.